Testimonials from my guestbook and e-mails...

"But the best place to get the lowdown on what to expect is on John Carson’s kibbutzvolunteer.com. Carson spent two years on a kibbutz, loved it and wants to share what he learned. He links to a site that sells kibbutz volunteer paraphernalia. My favourite is the “ready-made” postcard, for times when you’re just too exhausted to put pen to paper. It reads: “Hello from the kibbutz! Sharing a cosy graffiti-covered room with four foreigners and a dog with a limp. Good news though: I’ve been promoted to the 4 a.m. shift clearing the dung from the cowsheds."
Canadian Jewish News

"You helped shape my life... someday in your name I will help another... thank you for all you did for me."

"May I begin by saying how informative and useful I found your article on life in a kibbutz; it truly cemented my decisions to go to one."

"John Shalom,
Without your introduction, my family would have been unable to let our only son stay on in Israel after his 12 day tour. It is my opinion that because of your introduction, we were able to locate an interim kibbutz for him. This is a tremendous relief. Without your help, we would not have been able to allow him stay on for the Ulpan.
For that John, we cannot thank you enough."

"A superb site and book. I am volunteering on kibbutz Bar'am in July and was feeling pretty aprehensive about it as I have very little info on what it might be like. This site and your book have completely put my mind at rest though and I cannot wait to get out there."
David, Scotland

"A very useful and interesting site which persuaded me to be a volunteer. Well done! Wish me luck in Israel!"
Izzettin, Turkey

"I was thinking of doing this 'working on a kibbutz' thing but after reading your page, I have decided I am definitely doing the 'working on a kibbutz' thing! Keep up the good work!"
Suze, UK

"Great Web page. I have been thinking of going to a kibbutz for a while and have decided to go after reading your Web site."
Alan, South Africa

"The best experience ever. I had the time of my life. Highly recommend to everyone how has some time to play. Dear John, you are right on the money. Thanks for making me laugh."
Danny, USA

"Liked your site and I kind of fell upon it while searching for some other information. I have thought about volunteering on a kibbutz but have very little information so this site and the links has been useful for the future."
Joan, New Zealand

"John, it was a privilege to be able to visit your site. I am looking into the kibbutz experience and stumbled onto you Web page. If I had any doubts before they have been erased. Thanks again for sharing your memories."
Greg, USA

"John this brought back so many memories, thanks. Everyone should experience life on a kibbutz."
Gary, UK

"Hello John! I'm at my job now and I've been looking your site for about two hours (maybe I will get fired). And I can't believe it sounds so great! I had never thought about leaving my home, but now I'm taking it seriously…"
Vanessa, Mexico

"You have a really well done Web site. My daughter is going to be a high school senior. I want to make her and her friends aware of your Web site since they may be considering living on a kibbutz."
Deborah, USA

"Found your site while trying to search for old friends from my kibbutz. Wow, how the memories came back! I Would definitely recommend trying out the experience. I have to say now that I'm married and have three kids I'm really glad I did it!"
Katherine, UK

"I'd only ever briefly heard about people working on a kibbutz, but reading all these comments shows just how much of an experience and fun it must be. I'm on my way!"
Becky, New Zealand

"Searched a long time for something like this, very nice site!"
Dorothe, Holland

"I'd like to thank you for your brilliant site. My best friend just suggested tonight that we defer for a year next year and join a kibbutz and I was a bit hesitant at first, but after the information and your experiences I got from your site, I'm convinced."
Nicole, Australia

"Wonderful work… keep it up. You have a true gift."
Rick, USA

"Nice pages you're running over there. Thank you for bringing me back there even shortly."
Mari, Finland

"Thank you for the wonderful Web site and information. I will be back soon."
Marc, UK

"Congratulations on a great site -- between you and my boyfriend you've really got me thinking about it! Awesome :)"
Emma, South Africa

"John, firstly, your site is great! Thanks to your site, I may just jack in my job and do go back!"
Sharon, UK

"Nice information… thanks."
Robert, Holland

"Hey I just randomly found this site while I was looking through travel stories. I knew nothing about kibbutz before this and I have to say it sounds extremely cool."
Kelly, USA

"I am very happy I got on your site. It was a great help to let me learn more on the kibbutz."
Justine, Philippines

"Hey, love the great memories this site brings back!"
Elisabeth, Sweden

"What a great trip down memory lane! If you are thinking of going, don't even think twice -- you will have the best time of your life, the friendships you form will last a lifetime, and the memories will stay with you forever..."
Carol, UK

"Thank you for this great job you did John… finally something for us to get a grip at after so many years of wandering in the dark."
Gabriella, Switzerland

"Well done John, you've kept the volunteer vibe alive!"
Leon, UK

"John's site is a brilliant connection to old friends."
Nicole, South Africa

"You have given me the inspiration to spend my summer in Israel. Thank you. Good luck."
Marie, UK

"I've been thinking about going to some kibbutz next year but now I'm not sure I can wait that long! You really made it sound irresistible."
Hannah, Finland

"Hey John! Your site is great! I was looking on the net for a site like this; for somebody who has been there to tell me how it was."
Corina, Romania

"Thanks for reminding me of cool memories."
Cindy, USA

"What a great site!"
Su, UK

"Your site is wicked!"
Sabrina, UK

"I really like your Web site. Keep up the good work."
Scott, USA

"It's a brilliant site John; very informative and helpful."
David, UK

"You did a great job on your Web page!"
Tyler, USA

"This is absolutely one of the nicest site I could find after searching through many search engines. Well done!"
Shakira, Egypt

"A really interesting and informative site. I enjoyed it. Thanks."
Lee, Australia

"Well done on a good job."
C, Australia

"Your site truly is very good; actually I am thinking of setting up an information site about kibbutz life too, just so that there is more information available on the Internet. If I do I hope you won't mind if I include a link to your terrific site!"
Ejal, Holland

"Thinking about volunteering at a kibbutz… receiving mixed advice, but am positive about it. Your site is good reading on risks and benefits, and as a starting point to my research. Ta."
Gina, Australia

"Thanks for a great trip down memory lane… the best time of my life."
Kristiane, Denmark

"Thanks again for a great site."
Terrylnn, USA

"Trying to look for something new and found this site. Very informative! Thanks."
Del, Philippines

"I've been looking for a site like this for ages! It's excellent."
Angela, UK

"Respect for the site. Peace."
Phil, UK

"Very nice site. This site will be a very useful site to UK students that want to take a gap year. Good luck with your future projects. you did a great job."
Andy, UK

"Congrats in saying how it really is! A pleasure to read, your Web site is indeed!"
Simon, UK

"Inspired ! Once again, well done!"
John, UK

"Nicely done John. I'm 19 and in a week I'll be heading off to Israel. This will be my first time so I don't know what to expect, although I have a good idea thanks to people on here."
Tyrrel, UK

"Excellent! Your site really brought back some very excellent memories, some of the best times I've had! For anyone considering trying the kibbutz volunteer life -- GO FOR IT! It was a BLAST!"
Lisa, USA

"Loved your site, you have some fun stuff. Thanks."
Brian, Canada

"Just wanna say thanks for bringing back some of the best memories of my life with this Web site! The kibbutz experience literally changed my life."
Merry, Canada

"Nice and informative place you have here!"
Mrs Giggles, Singapore

"Thanks for cheering me up with the pictures. Warn me if you go again, maybe I'll join you!"
Anna, Holland

"Hi man you have a cool site. I am from Kibbutz Ketura. Well cool site!"
Aviram, Israel

"Great to read about the kibbutz times, John."
Anders, Denmark

"Nice site. Memories… thanks for bringing them back to me!"
Andy, USA

"It's always vice to find pages written by old vols so I can be nostalgic for a while."
Christian, Sweden

"Like it very much."
Marten, Israel

"Very interesting!"
Marista, Hong Kong

"Great Web site John; hope mine will become just as good."
Andy, UK

"Since I'm from a kibbutz I enjoyed to surf your site, it's great. And one more thing, it's great to have you volunteers in Israel, and in my kibbutz in particular."
Ziv, Israel

"Very impressed with the site."
Caroline, UK

"I was very happy to find this site. I am planning to go to Israel in a few months and need all the info I can get."
Atalie, USA

"Shalom, shalom! Great to find people who can describe that kibbutz way of life so well (from a volunteer's point of view). I've been on three kibbutzim and it's part of an Israel experience I will never forget. It's a unique little society."
Paul, Holland

"My husband and I and some friends are planning on a trip to Israel sometime in the future, and may need the information from your site for that time. A friend of mine is there now, and as far as we know, may be staying in a kibbutz. Thank you for the information and the humour."
Judith, USA

"Great job, John."
Ingelise, Denmark

"It's interesting to see what you have to say about kibbutz life."
Jon, UK

"Keep up the good work."
Rob, Holland

"Hello John! I added your Web site on my link page... Nice site this one."
Emma, Sweden


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