These are useful links for more kibbutz volunteer information. Please contact me if you would like a site added.

Useful books:

Free Kibbutz Volunteer Guide
A 20-page PDF file that I wrote containing a summary of information on how to be a kibbutz volunteer and an actual application form so you can see what questions are asked when applying. Download, read online, e-mail to friends or print out for handy reference. (You will need the free Adobe reader to view it which can be downloaded from here.)

Kibbutz Volunteer
Very famous book about being a kibbutz volunteer in Israel.
This is the working traveller's guide to Israel and the Palestinian territories including: kibbutzim & moshavim, archaeological digs, tourism, conservation, au pair work, etc.

A definition from the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Kibbutz Volunteers Facebook Group
Feel free to join our Kibbutz Volunteers Facebook Group to ask questions, share photos and stories. We have almost 5,000 members!

Kibbutz Representatives - Israel
The main Kibbutz Representatives office in Tel Aviv.

WWOOF Israel
Too old for a kibbutz placement?
The basic and simple idea of wwoofing is that you are willing to volunteer in a farm for several hours a day, five days a week and in return
you receive from your host free food and accommodation. Anyone above 18 years old from any nationality can join WWOOF Israel.

Kibbutz Program
A kibbutz program centre for Takam.

Kibbutz Program Centre
The kibbutz representatives office in New York, USA.

The Voice Of Peace
The only radio station I listened to from 1989-1993!

Kibbutz Volunteering - Israel
Travel the world with volunteer work.

Sar-El Australia
A program for volunteers to do civilian work on Israeli army bases.

Volunteers for ecological and humanitarian projects in Israel.

Another agency with offices in Israel and Ohio.

Livnot Volunteer Program
Community volunteering in Israel.

Backpacking Israel
A site dedicated to hiking and backpacking in Israel.

Not Quite Jerusalem
A new site with a volunteer-finding service.

Institute for Research on the Kibbutz
Research, teaching and kibbutz knowledge.

Emma's home page
A Swedish girl called Emma and her adventures on a kibbutz.

Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra
Rob's memories of his time on Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra.

1,000 travel tips
As the name suggests, a great source of information including backpacking in Israel.

Kibbutz Naan Vollies
A Yahoo Club for ex-volunteers of Kibbutz Naan. Did you survive the Naan experience?!

YDP home page
An organisation in South Africa that can arrange a place on a kibbutz for you.

Another organisation in South Africa that can arrange a place on a kibbutz for you.

Jewish Community
All things Jewish.

Some great writing and advice.

Crazy Dog Travel Guide
A very cool site for backpackers.

A great site for helping you work abroad on a budget.

Israeli Embassy - London
The Israeli Embassy in London.

Jewish Telegraph
Britain's only regional Jewish newspaper with separate editions for Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool & Glasgow.

Backpack Europe on a Budget
A very informative resource for people who want to backpack around Europe.

A tourist site that contains a list of kibbutzim Web sites.

Site from a former Tel-Katzir volunteer
Lots of useful information.

Kibbutz Shefayim
A site for former Kibbutz Shefayim volunteers.

Kibbutz Life
Dave's site for volunteer leaders looking for volunteers.

Jewish and Israeli resources worldwide. News updates, street tours, 6000+ sites, plus... kosher database, Jewish search, humour.

Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim Volunteers
Dani's site to reunite ex-vols from Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim -- go here if you danced to Men At Work on a Friday night!

Our Kibbutz
A place for ex-volunteers to post photos of the time spent on their kibbutz. Israel Guide
Adventure travel guide to independent travel in Israel and the Sinai Desert, based on the TV series GlobeTrekker.

Overseas volunteers for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Kibbutz Dafna Volunteers
Looking for ex-volunteers from Kibbutz Dafna?

Next Step
A great site for working travellers.

A Career Break
Ideas to help you take a career break, maybe travel?

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